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Awesome Auntie Angel Ornament

Awesome Auntie Angel Ornament


This freestanding angel ornament features a neutral-toned dress, complemented by brown wings and adorned with the endearing message: "I get my awesomeness from my Auntie." Complete with cute flower detailing, it's a heartfelt token of appreciation she's sure to treasure.


Key Features:

  • Ideal for Mother's Day or your Auntie's birthday, celebrating her unique awesomeness.
  • Freestanding design for easy display anywhere in her home.
  • Adorned with cute flower detailing, adding a sweet touch.
  • Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 3cm


Make your Auntie's day extra special with this delightful angel ornament, a sweet reminder of the joy she brings to your life.

Awesome Auntie Angel Ornament

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