A Disney Kid Hardwood Sign

This hardwood sign will look fabulous hung up in the home and celebrates all things Disney.


"I have battled dragons

I have wished on stars

and flown to Neverland

I dream impossible dreams

I have seen magic

I have watched elephants fly

I have never been afraid to reach for the sky

I believe in Fairy Tales

I know love & goodness will always win

Because I am

A Disney kid"


Approx: 29 x 19.5cm


All our natural wood and slate items are designed by us and made locally.


Please be aware that as each item is made individually using all natural wood, wood grain and colour may differ slightly to the one pictured.


Due to using beautiful natural wood to produce our items, the final product may have visible wood knots. This is natural and part of the beauty of having a real wood item.

A Disney Kid Hardwood Sign