'Family Tree' Custom Scrabble Box Frame

Create a lasting family memory with a 'Family Tree'.


Makes a great gift for special family celebrations, anniversaries and just as a special decor item for your home.


Up to 15 scrabble initials can be used.


Frame Dimension - 25 cm x 25 cm


This frame is an example and the pictured backgrounds may not be available. Decorations may vary slightly.


Please select requirements, and contact us immediately for background options.


Due to personal requirements, slight variations of the layout may be necessary.


Please seperate the initials required with a , to indiacate that they are to be separate.


 Anna, Amy and Jane.. A, A, J

For Sophie Rose, Ethan and Michael.. SR, E, M.


This frame is pictured WITH floating crystals and an extra 'East of India' decorative heart. Please select yes to these options if they are required, or select no if not.

'Family Tree' Custom Scrabble Box Frame