LSW Mind Cards Children Edition

A great aid to help children feel calm, focus on the present and understand their feelings, these children edition mind cards make it fun and easy to introduce the power of gratitude, mindfulness and affirmations.


Select a card at random each day and follow the action on the card.


The cards are split into five categories:

Mindfulness - learning to be fully present in the moment. This can be tricky for children but using these simple techniques can help focus their minds and block out distractions. Clearing and calming their mind can help ease tension, improve sleep and encourage better concentration. 


Gratitude - these exercises can help transform negative thoughts into positive ones, which can result in improving self esteem and mental health.


Kindness - this triggers the same psychological responses associated with happiness.


Repeat after me - saying a statement out loud can encourage a more positive mindset and practice positive thinking.


Today I am - emotions can be difficult if children do not feel they have the appropriate words to express themselves. Encourage them to talk about how they feel and let them choose the appropriate emotion card to attach to what they are feeling.


This pack contains 30 individual cards, presented in a lidded box.

LSW Mind Cards Children Edition