The Flower Diffuser English Pear and Freesia

A diffuser with a difference - fragranced with the beautiful scent of English Pear and Freesia, the flower bouquet is powered by reeds and a cotton rope which strongly absorb the fragrance, whilst being beautifully displayed in the glass vase. Once finished with, you can plant the paper label to create your own beautiful wildflower meadow.

With the perfect mix of home fragrance and interior design, these flower diffusers make such a luxurious treat for your home or a wonderful gift to give for many occasions. 


How it works:

The cotton rope quickly absorbs the liquid until it is saturated in the fragrance, providing a quick strong aroma. The reeds continue to provide aroma stability by gradually drawing the scent, and diffusing through each petal. Each flower is delicate and unique, carefully handmade from thin slices of sola wood.

The paper label is embedded with wildflower seeds ready for planting.
The seeds have a germination rate of 85%. You can expect to see flowers such as red and pink poppies, gloriosa daisy, common daisy, black eyed Susan, annual and perennial wildflower mixes.

Diffusion time approx 1-3 months.

The Flower Diffuser English Pear and Freesia