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Bomb Cosmetics Bear Hug Tin Candle

Bomb Cosmetics Bear Hug Tin Candle


Enjoy an energising bear hug with our delightfully scented Bear Hug Tin Candle from Bomb Cosmetics. With the inviting aroma of mandarin and orange essential oils, this candle is sure to leave you feeling all good and fuzzy inside!


Why you'll love it:

  • Long-lasting Joy: Enjoy the warm glow for approximately 35 hours.

  • Kind to All: Our creations are cruelty-free and vegetarian-friendly (look for the V symbol for Vegan).

  • Nature's Goodness: Packed with natural ingredients, because who needs anything artificial?


Perfect for You or a Jolly Gift!

Whether it's a personal treat or a delightful surprise for someone special, our Chill Out Tin Candle makes for an ideal Secret Santa gift. Because spreading joy is what the season is all about!

Bomb Cosmetics Bear Hug Tin Candle

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