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Le Toy Van Le Grand Garage Wooden Toy

Le Toy Van Le Grand Garage - Three-Story Wooden Playset with Lift, Ramps, and Vehicles


Immerse young minds in endless play possibilities with the Le Toy Van Le Grand Garage. This impressive three-story wooden garage features a functional lift and two spiral ramps, providing hours of imaginative play. Complete with a car, petrol pump, and helicopter, this set ensures action-packed adventures.


Key Features:

  • Interactive Play: The working lift and spiral ramps enhance play, fostering interactive and engaging experiences for young adventurers.

  • Inspires Creativity: Decorated with non-toxic paints, this grand garage sparks imaginative and social play, promoting creativity and cooperative engagement.



  • Dimensions: Measuring a substantial 53.5 x 40 x 42cm, this playset offers ample space for dynamic play scenarios.

  • Age-Appropriate Fun: Suitable for children aged 3 years and up, this garage provides safe and stimulating play for growing minds.

  • Eco-Conscious Craftsmanship: Crafted from FSC certified wood and adorned with non-toxic paints, this set prioritizes both sustainability and safety.


Elevate playtime with the Le Toy Van Le Grand Garage. Crafted to inspire creativity and social engagement, this playset promises endless adventures.


Order now and let the imaginative play begin!

Le Toy Van Le Grand Garage Wooden Toy

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